Kitchen Calls

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My daughter’s college graduation present is ready!

Lest you think I am way ahead of schedule for a June graduation, I must confess that she graduated in December. And that was her second bachelor’s degree. This cookbook was for her first bachelor’s degree, which happened in June of 2013. In my defense, I did create a hard copy version that I gave to my children and a few friends for Christmas of 2015. It became more than a graduation present, it was a project. Since I only gave the copies to those closest to me, I was quickly informed of the typos, grammatical errors, and where I forgot to mention the oven temperature. I knew I had some revising to do before I gave them the much requested ebook version.. and this has only taken me just over a year to get around to doing.

My other motivation for creating an ebook for my adult children of my treasured advice and recipes from their childhood was to give me some insight on the process of creating a simple epub and putting it on Amazon. Since my real job is as a school technology director, I like to try and keep up with tech related opportunities for students – which is no easy task. But, the whole ebook process is so much easier than it was when I first created an ebook in 2011 using InDesign, which was torturous.  In education one of the favorite (of many, many) buzzwords is “publishing”. It refers to value in the work due to visibility and is the reason why from grade K on that teachers tape student work to the walls of the school and invite parents in to walk the halls and make polite and encouraging comments. Of course, anyone who has read a comment on the internet knows that in the new real world of publishing, this can be like throwing a calf carcass into the lion’s den.

Remember when everyone was blogging and these tech wiz kids were writing about their experiences on the wild and wooly Internet and we were all amazed at their instant celebrity? Where did that go? Blog posts have been replaced with picture and video sharing apps where words, if there are any, are spoken or written in abbreviated fashion in a meme. Personally, I start my day with a laugh from @FuckJerry and @Girlwithnojob on Instagram but I see the epub world as one that could turn students into producers by combining real, school-taught writing content with the more visual applications that they enjoy for the promotion and marketing. The ease of creating an ebook makes everyone an author and I don’t fully understand Amazon’s “mile wide and inch deep” model of delivering content, except that money in small amounts adds up to money in big amounts when there are no barriers as to who can play (oh, I guess I do understand it)  but when you let everyone play, the playground gets really full and it can be easy to lose a student or two (am I right, duty teachers?) and in the universe of self-published ebooks, being found is no easy task. We talk a lot about authentic experiences for students but the majority of work I see them do is not all that different than what I did in high school back in the days when wearing jeans was not allowed, or should I say, dungarees.  These challenges need authentic problem solving skills and are relevant to anyone involved in self-promotion whether your occupation is a writer, lawyer or a plumber.

I thought I could post Kitchen Calls for free but Amazon isn’t in the business of “free” so I put it on the market for $1.99.  So, please feel free to purchase it (click on the picture to go to Amazon) and I’ll put all those $1.99’s minus the 35% royalty, that I’m sure I’ll receive once my book is found amongst the billion other self-published books, towards paying for those two bachelor’s degrees. I better get busy on figuring out how to use social media for something besides viewing cat videos. The first 50 pages in pdf form are below, for the real experience, you’ll need to order the full book!

Contact me about the grammatical errors, typos and the recipe written as 6-cups of salt instead of sugar. I want it perfect in case it goes to print. Yes, Amazon will turn your ebook into a print book if you create it (in a few clicks) and print it for you if anyone actually orders it and takes the printing cost out of your royalties. Next, we need a course for students on how to advocate for their rights in this gig-economy; I don’t believe health insurance is covered in the royalty fees.

50 Pages from KITCHEN CALLS …. with all of it available on Amazon for your mobile device!





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